Information of Welder

This is Welder trade.The duration is 1 year & eligibility of this trade is 8th standared pass . In this trade there is available seat is 24. To give the deep training knowledge of gas & arc welding. In fabrication workshop welding is most important .In this trade for welding various machines are used , & to give the training the types of welding.
For the experience in the welding work & for increase practical knowledge we are show the shugar factory practical. From trainees we will make iron bench , greels, iron cupboard, gate etc are to make because of increase the practical knowledge to institute.by work in the industries to develope practical knowledge & to create confidance.

Use of Welder

Various types of Industries & various production welding is very important. To produce the industries, factories welding is important . To start the our own buisseness of fabrication workshop for make the iron window, greel, doar, to make farmers instruments.


TIG (Argon)
High pressure ARC