Information of Fitter trade

This is Fitter trade. Duration of this trade is 2 years. Eligbility is 10th standared pass. In this trade there are of specific object to cut it, to part it & to make a specific shep of object. Similarly to solve problem of specific object etc are make in this trade .Ex:- to open Pamp & to find the problem & again joint it , in this way similarly so many objects are to be soved by its problem. In this trade out of syllabus portion will be teach for to make a perfect fitter.

Use of Fitter trade

All Factories where by using make joint method to create the production there fitter workwr is very essential. So in all factories fitter have job. Government workshop, railway workshop, sugar industries, S.T.Depo etc have demand of fitter. To start the our own business after passing the fitter trade vocational education.